Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis

Find insights to identify new business problems or reformulate existing problems primed for prediction and AI.

Get expert analysis into your business' data to gain actionable insights on how it can solve your painpoints.

Reading your own data is like reading a different language. Altruistic has the experts fluent in the language of data to analyze and unlock the value from it.

Analysis of your business' data with the aim to either solve some business painpoints, or to reformulate it in preparation for prediction model or AI implementation.


Translate your business data into insights that are easy to approach and make sense no matter your background.

Prime and prepare your business data for prediction and AI model implementation.

Uncover new opportunities for opimization and growth.


  • Align with key stakeholders on data sources / business processes to be included
  • Gain a complete map and understanding of the data which exists, as well as the gaps
  • Discover opportunities to leverage your data in ways that are meaningful to your business

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